Good Day! As most of you have come to find out, we ran into some issues with Neon Pink MAGA Hats. After being lied to by suppliers about stock, we were left with a never ending back order issue.


The Problem in short: we ordered 2,000 hats to keep up with our viral release after being told 2,000 hats were in stock. Come to find out… ONLY 500 were available. Leaving us to fend for ourselves and essentially crippling our store.


Maybe we’ll chalk this up to a language barrier or… A direct attack by the likes of terrorists on American ingenuity and the free trade!


I’m going with the latter!


THE FINAL SOLUTION: After spending days on the phone, over $30,000+ in start up costs in the last 3 weeks, hundreds of back and forth emails with American manufacturers and “hat makers” (I’m not a hat maker guy… I don’t know the wordage) WE HAVE CONFIRMED THE PRODUCTION OF 5,000 NEON PINK HATS.




No longer do we bow to the likes of foreign trade. Our hats, OUR neon pink summer frat hats, are officially OURS. With OUR TAG in them. And no terrorist can stop THAT!


Our original supplier would have forced us to wait until end of September to send out and sell Neon Pink MAGA hats…


Today marks a day in American Nation history. We had a problem. We found a solution. A solution that will give us a 3-4 week RESTOCK DATE. BEFORE SUMMER ENDS! I’m aiming for SOONER!




With that being said, Thank you to those who have stood by us and remained patient. Your support (and money) is what allows us to do cool shit like this.


It would mean the world to us if you checked out our store once again, and placed an order in support of AMERICA WINNING! We’ve thrown pretty much all we have into producing these hats including our employees taking pay cuts in support of their company. We’re all Partners here at American Nation! So, a little pick me up will go far!


Use code “WINNING” for 15% OFF EVERYTHING! 🇺🇸


Your friend, American Patriot, and Owner,



July 10, 2024 — Jesse Ryan